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Boogie Bounce is a danced inspired, choreographed, training concept, which uses a mini trampoline and gravity as resistance. This gives a whole new dimension to the High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T) principle. Rebounding challenges the cardiovascular system and is incredibly effective and efficient at burning fat, while also helping protect the main joints of the body and increasing muscle and bone density.

We believe that people are much more likely to stick to an exercise programme if it is fun, engaging, and doesn’t feel like exercise. 


I am your Newport instructor. Over the years I have gained qualifications in Women's artistic gymnastics, pre school gymnastics, cheerleading, trampolining and group exercise to music. I then discovered the most amazing fitness class, BOOGIE BOUNCE!! Not only did I fall in love with the concept, I also became addicted and knew that this is what the Isle of Wight was missing.


In March 2015 Boogie Bounce Isle Of Wight was born. Not only did I shape up, lose weight and increase my fitness levels, I felt full of life and motivated. We are now taking the Isle of Wight by storm and are running weekly classes in Newport, Ryde & West Wight, with numbers of up to 40 people in each class.

I hope Boogie Bounce can help change your life, as it has mine.


Join our fun and inclusive community while burning fat and getting fit. 

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