"I’ve been doing Boogie Bounce since September 2015 and can’t recommend these classes enough. I do the regular Boogie Bounce, as well as the circuit training and started strength and tone towards the end of last year.I have a medical condition which effects my joints, the low impact of the bouncer means that I can work up a sweat without effecting my joints.I also have Lymphoedema in my legs following treatment for cancer. Boogie Bounce helps to improve the flow of Lymphatic fluid and since starting my legs have been greatly improved. My last check up showed that I had lost a further 4cm off my thighs which is great.I was initially nervous about coming to the classes on my own but the instructor Helen, and her helpers, made me feel so welcome. Her encouragement keeps you going when you feel like giving up although you don’t feel pressure to measure up against the next person. You are all in it together"  Claire Burnett

" I've been meaning to message about this for a while, can I just say how amazing Boogie Bounce is for my pelvic floor muscles.. In the early days I admit after having my first baby I had the odd leakage (sorry if tmi).. Now I get absolutely nothing! It's the best feeling not having to worry about that. Hooray for Boogie Bounce." Anonymous

"Thank you for the constant passion and energy you put in. Your classes have kept me coming back but not only that I have now been discharged from my consultant regarding my lung disease. I will always have it but my body and fitness is now incredible. They couldn't believe my change when going up this week. Even my pulse rate is low at 49 showing how blinking healthy my heart is. Boogie Bounce is the  first form of exercise I have not given up on and inspired me to make the change to be healthy."  Stecey Overton